FCI Grandprix Black Sea One Loft Race
2018 Regulations

  1. Pigeons should have mandatory 2018 rings and property beads
  2. Pigeons must reach in the loft between 1st March – 15 May
  3. Is mandatory for pigeons to be vaccinated !
  4. Pigeons must be paid at the arrival in the loft or at the collection points
    ( the price for 1 dove is 60 euro + 10 euro for transportation)
  5. Pedigrees will be sent no later than the Semi-Final race day
  6. Pigeons will be auctioned and 50% from the price will get to the owner except the auction fees(photos,documentation etc.)
  7. Pigeons without pedigree will be owned by the Black Sea One Loft Race
  8. At every 5 paid pigeons the breeder gets 1 for FREE ( 5+1 )
  9. AS competition will be based on 9 stages: 5 race+ 4 trainings
  10. The breeder that has no pigeons on the first hotspot will have free spots on the next year race
  11. The Black Sea One Race Loft will follow the terms and Anti-Doping Rules and pigeons can be checked at any time by the registred breeders on their own spending.
  12. Training and competitions can be changed from the initial data depending on the weather, epidemics, force majeure !!!
  13. The report of the pigeons will be done electronically and can be seen in real-time on the website.

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